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Recycled Fashion.

Piece by Piece. 


Welcome to Tattered Trading. We're a resale clothing store where we buy, sell, and trade with our customers. That means we buy used clothing direct from your closet and give you cash or store credit.  Come check out the store and build your wardrobe, piece by piece. Interested in selling? Learn how it works. Then come to our location in Long Beach, CA.


Now Buying the Best of
Spring Styles


As always, Tattered loves featuring artists from our local community!  We are honored to feature these very talented artists.  Here is a sneak peek of our upcoming Art Show on March 8th!  

Sara Von Epp (website | instagram @sarabethart...


Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with a loved one or just going out with your girls for Galentine's- we got you covered! These are the latest dress trends this season! 

Ruche Hour

I love how the cinching trend isn't just for sporty clothing but also being used...


Typically when you think of Japan they are known for their cutting edge style and experimental outfits. So it wasn't a surprise to me when I flew over there and was starry eyed at all of the clothing. The shopping malls there aren't large storefronts like in the U.S.,...


This season's trends are very diverse. Varying from the statement embellished jewel heels to the staple knee high boots - anyone can find a style they're down for!

1. Animal Print

This season’s animal print trend isn’t limited to just leopard and snakeskin. We...


Wildflower is the hottest phone case brand right now! You’ve probably seen celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner, and Bella Hadid rocking their phone cases. 

The brand was created and founded by Michelle Carlson and co-founded by her two daughters, Devon and Sydney...


When the leaves start changing and the temperatures are dropping those are cues to start updating your Fall and Winter wardrobe. This season is full of fun and daring colors - contrary to popular belief that you have to tone down your wardrobe during the Fall and Winte...


Having a staycation this summer?  If so, here are a few great movies for you to watch along with some iconic fashion outfits!  Tattered staff brainstormed and hand picked these fashion filled entertaining movies for your viewing pleasure.

Our first film choice for...


Change up your wardrobe this summer by adding a few of these latest summer trends!  All eyes will be on you whether you're at the beach, BBQ, or summer parties.  There's something for everybody's style from art motif prints to 90's revamped shoes.



This season purse designers are having fun with every shape, size, and color.  There are a plethora of shapes you can rock this Summer from round to boxy.  Don't play it safe with a leather purse when there are unconventional materials like basket weave, plastic, beade...


(picture source: emirates247.com)

We know how stressful festival season can be, between finding the perfect outfit and battling the forces of nature. So we present to you our 10 festival essentials! Think of it like a little checklist to take the pressure off your shoul...

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