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Typically when you think of Japan they are known for their cutting edge style and experimental outfits. So it wasn't a surprise to me when I flew over there and was starry eyed at all of the clothing. The shopping malls there aren't large storefronts like in the U.S., they are more reminiscent of pop-up shops. I love how there's literally a store for any aesthetic - from girly, edgy, to conservative.

This was one of the girlier stores. The color scheme was mostly muted pastels. There were a lot of wool and fur trimmed clothing.  It reminds me of the "gyaru-hime" style that was popular in the early 2000s. If you are not aware of the fashion culture "gyaru," it was an exaggeration and over-representation of American teenage party culture in Japan. The word "hime" translates to princess. The rough translation of "gyaru-hime" is "princess gal" which I think is the perfect description of the clothing.


This next store was definitely for the edgy girl. As you can already tell from the chain belts and butterfly crossbody bag on the mannequin, this was like an e-girl's haven. There were a lot of bright colors, fun prints, and oversized fits.


This store was catered for the conservative woman. The clothing reminded me of items that could be seen at a Zara store. There were a lot of rich and warm earth tones. Like most Japanese fashion the clothing in this store was looser fitting.



I loved how fashion forward and different this store was. Their use of plaid patterns and billowy silhouettes reminded me of Vivienne Westwood meets baby doll. 


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