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Having a staycation this summer?  If so, here are a few great movies for you to watch along with some iconic fashion outfits!  Tattered staff brainstormed and hand picked these fashion filled entertaining movies for your viewing pleasure.





Our first film choice for you to watch this summer is none other than the classic 90’s film, Clueless. Not only is this film filled with hot 90’s fashion trends, it is also a feel good movie the entire family could enjoy. 





Cher Horowitz has such an iconic sense of style filed with dynamic pops of color.  Throughout the film you will see how each character develops and grows during their high school experience.  You also catch the variety of memorable fashion trends each character represents. This film takes Jane Austins ‘Emma’ and adds a 90’s flare that we all miss. 






One of the most unforgettable outfits from Clueless is found in opening scene when Cher wears a yellow plaid blazer and matching mini skirt to school.  Not only did this set the tone for the rest of the movie's fun fashion flair , her matching plaid two piece set is just as trendy in today's current fashion.





 In this scene, Cher shows off preppy chic look with a blazer worn with knee high socks, mini skirt, and baby doll shoes.  This outfit is screaming 90’s teen culture and ironically this memorable outfit has also found its way back in current teen fashion. 


Although there are plenty more stand-out outfits within the movie, these are a few that share a special place in my heart. These outfits just go to show that the fashion cycle really do come back around and fashion never really dies.

Andrea Payes-Buyer





Nowhere (1997) directed by Gregg Araki is a surrealist slice of life film about four free-spirited teens living in LA. The teens live an unpredictable and alternative lifestyle that also translates into their clothing. I love how the outfits the characters wear compliment their dream-like surroundings creating the only sense of consistency throughout the movie.






This outfit is a good representation of the free spirited nature of the kids in this film.  It reminds me of the DIY aspect of the 90's club kid scene in New York where they would take literally trash and transform it into something fun and wearable - creating TRASHION!  This is such a great idea because as consumers we do not often think about how much waste we accumulate from frequently purchasing new clothing.





I love the resurgence of Y2K trends circulating within the fashion circle right now. The character’s chain padlock necklace is a popular statement accessory seen on current runways and malls. 





The female characters wear a lot bright neons paired with strong prints like snake print or colored camo.  Many people would stray away from pattern clashing, but I personally love it because it’s a fun statement outfit that would definitely turn heads!  I would recommend this cult classic to anyone who loves 90s fashion and unconventional films!

- Sisi Le, Buyer





Empire Records is a cult classic that embodies the essence of popular 90’s fashion. Besides having amazing outfits, the film includes themes of typical teen problematic scenarios that youth of all generations can relate too.  The best part, it has an iconic soundtrack!





The film may take place in the 90’s, but the character’s outfits still holds up with current fashion.  I Adore Corey’s iconic sexy schoolgirl look.  Her blue fuzzy sweater paired with a plaid mini skirt is still seen worn among teens today. 





AJ undoubtedly good looks and charming personality, you can’t help but fall in love with him in the movie.  His fashion is a mix of boy next door meets grunge.  Current with today’s fashion, AJ rocks a side chain throughout the movie.  90’s chain jewelry has resurfaced and become an easy

 way to add the perfect amount of edginess to any outfit!





Fashion is my own form of self expression and I take much of my inspiration from 90’s movies and music.  Empire Records is a fun movie to watch with friends and reminisce about the days before Apple music and Spotify eliminated local record stores. This movie will remain a classic that never goes out of style- just like the clothing!

Lorelei Zahn-Buyer





Fast Times at Ridgemont High is about the typical high school clicks. The movie’s characters all struggle with fitting in and their own insecurities.  Fashion worn throughout the movie is based heavily on the surf & skate culture and even features brands such as Vans.  I love the movies aesthetic because it shows the 80’s in such a fun and colorful way that makes you want to attend Ridgemont High!   






Jeff Spicoli’s character is liked among the skate and surf community for not only his carefree rebellious attitude, but for his unique sense of style.  Spicoli can be seen wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt in one scene and then rock a turtleneck and beanie in another!





The classic checkered slip on Vans made its first appearance on the movie screen of Ridgemont High.  Worn by no other than Spicolis, he is more than just a lovable stoner, but a fashion rebel!






Mike Damone is not only confident with the ladies, but with his unique sense of style!  His classic preppy 80’s fashion goes hand in hand with his “player” and “too cool for school” attitude.  Popped collars, pink polos, and blazers with shoulder pads are his signature look.





Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a cult classic for a reason.  You can say it’s because of the relatable teen story line, or the fun cast, but for me it’s the fashion that makes the movie iconic! 

Buyer-Bryan Andrade


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