10 Festival Essentials


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We know how stressful festival season can be, between finding the perfect outfit and battling the forces of nature. So we present to you our 10 festival essentials! Think of it like a little checklist to take the pressure off your shoulders.


1. Hydrate 

Make sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! Most of us tend to get carried away with the music and the vibes, but let's not forget the most important accessory is your water bottle!  

 Que Collapsible Water Bottle $24

These water bottles are collapsible so you won't be stuck lugging around a bulky receptacle. 


2. Skin Protection 

You gotta show some skin. No one likes sunburn't skin, so protect yourself from the harsh UV-Rays by adding sunscreen to your festival checklist!

 Unicorn Snot Holographic Sunscreen $19.99 a piece or $54.99 for three

This sunscreen is a festival must have containing SPF 30 for your protection. You can glow without having residue on your outfit and break a sweat dancing without it melting on your face!


3. Shade 

The sun is not your friend when you're outside for 8+ hours days at a time.  Complete your festival look with a hat, while staying extra protected from the sun.

 Kangol Tropic Bin Bucket Hat $50

Bucket hats are the latest trend for the spring season. It is made out of tropic yarn making it lightweight when you're on the move from stage to stage.


4. Storage

Choose a clear bag this season for storing key essentials. The security line and search will be quick and easy, while keeping all your things safe and handy.

 Adidas Iridescent Mini Backpack $45

Don’t think twice about where you left your purse.  A mini backpack will makes it easy to keep track of stuff.  Choose a neon or iridescent color to add a bit of fun to your wardrobe.

5. Sanitizer

We all dread using the port a potties at a festival.  Stress less with the amazing scent of these sanitizing wipes.

 Giovanni Mixed Scents Sanitizing Towelettes $11.99

These portable towelettes come in 3 scents including Peppermint Surge, Lavender Calm, and Grapefruit Splash. Infused with essential oils it'll sooth your soul while killing bacteria. 


6. Eye Protection

Nothing kills the vibe more than the sun glaring in your eyes. Stay stylish with your sunglasses.

 Luv Vision Tiny Sunglasses $15

These shades are cute and compact fitting inside your fanny pack perfectly.


7. Portable charger 

Stay charged to keep in touch with your friends and get the sickest festival footage.

Recover Portable Charger $50

This charger might look tiny but it can pack a punch delivering 2 full charges onto your iPhone!


8. Lightweight Jacket 

It gets chilly at night so bundle up with your fave windbreaker.

I.AM.GIA Halo Reflective Windbreaker $220

You will be the center of attention with this reflective windbreaker. Snap a pic with flash and shine on. This is not your average windbreaker with the multi-zip closures so you can detach it into a crop jacket!


9. Statement barrettes 

Feel free and dance with your hair out of your face!

Pearl Gold And Enamel Clip Set $19

No need to overthink about how you're going to style your hair when you snap on these statement barrettes. 


10. Body/face stickers 

Express your free spirit with body and facial stickers.

Stinnys Body & Face Stickers $12

Adorn your body and face as well as amp up your make up look with these reflective vinyl butterfly stickers. Also available in different shapes and colors.


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