Get Excited About Denik Notebooks



We are so excited to carry Denik notebooks this holiday season!  We absolutely love this brand and everything that they’re about , so we wanted you to get excited about them too.




Denik began as a small group of college students from Utah State University where co-founders, Tyler and Jake started using their art to make a difference.  





The artist’s at Denik build upon the idea that “Art Can Change The World”. Starting out, they were so dedicated to selling they would set up shop anywhere they could; parties, concerts, farmers markets and campus events. They wanted to reach a goal to fund enough money to start building schools in third world countries.




Now, Denik has a selection of 18 artists from around the world that are featured throughout the products including notebooks, sketchbooks, planners and pocket books.




The company utilizes special materials to make the products so that they can last through extreme temperatures and conditions. This means that when you purchase a Denik notebook you are guaranteed quality, durability and longevity.




With that being said, Denik’s main purpose is to use a portion of their sales towards funding schooling projects through art and creativity. As of 2018, they have funded the building of 5 different schools: two in Mali, one in Guatemala, Laos, and Ghana.




Photos used from Denik Social media @shopdenik


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