Meet Local Floral Designer of Little Sweet P Flowers, Priscilla Mora




Have you always had an interest in flowers?  


I've always been attracted to flowers since I was a younger Little Sweet P. Some of my earliest memories are of picking verbena flowers at my grandparents’ house and lovingly giving them to all the ladies in my family. I have always appreciated flowers throughout the years! How they look, how they smell and the reaction people have when they receive them. My mom would let me pick the roses she grew, so that I could give them to my teachers. I think that I've always felt the love that a flower carries and recognized its importance.



What led to the creation of Little Sweet P’s Flowers?


Well… I've worked at Trader Joe's for over ten years now and while working there, my knowledge of flowers has grown a lot and I've learned so many new flower names. I also started to play with different flower combinations at home. About three years ago, I decided to take some floral classes at LBCC for floral design and also for running your own floral business. One assignment we were given, we had to go visit different flower shops and give our review on them. I ended up working at one of the flower shops that I visited for this project! I grew a lot from the lessons that I learned in the year that I worked there. After that, I gained a sudden sense of confidence and started the process of getting my business license for Little Sweet P's Flowers. Ever since, I've been reaching out to potential new customers through Instagram, Yelp and by working with awesome local businesses like Tattered!




What is your favorite flower to work with?


Oooh! This is a tough one because I love them all!! I will say that I absolutely have to use flowers that stop you in your tracks as often as possible. But, the one type of flower that I'm always drawn to is the ravishing rose itself, I love them in all colors, sizes and forms. The type that always makes me swoon is the garden rose because I've always loved the saying ‘stop and smell the roses’.... And these beauts deserve all the time in the world!




How do you find ideas or inspiration for your floral artistry?


Two words… Instagram & Pinterest; they're my favorite sources for inspiration. I love following florists from around the world, that sort of thing excites me. I imagine what it'd be like to be a florist in Japan or in Russia (Two of my favorite florists are from there!). That usually gets the ball rolling, then I'll create a personal Sweet P twist on these ideas. It's always great to be a part of the trends, but I love challenging myself to create something unique that gets my heart fluttering.




What is a challenge that you face as a small business owner?


I think the biggest challenge for me would be getting my business name out there. I'm always trying to grow my customer base and doing whatever I can to expose my work. I just really want to spread the flower love to Long Beach and beyond!




What is your style when it comes to floral design?  


I absolutely love to use flower arranging as an artistic outlet. I also think it's important to create an arrangement with the recipient on the forefront of my mind and what that customer would enjoy best. Some people love a clean, modern style and some love a wild and free style. I love both!! I feel like plants and flowers have the ability to send a powerful message and one of my favorite things to do is compose them in a way that speaks to my customer. Every arrangement I make is full of love and I totally thrive on the reactions I get upon delivery because I know they feel the love too.




What is the most memorable event/client that your business has been apart of?


Great question! Since the beginning of Little Sweet P's Flowers, I'd have to say that there are so many memorable moments. Each wedding, holiday, or pop up event I've done I've been blossoming a little bit more, making memories, learning, and creatively maturing my style in whatever way my heart tells me. However, my absolute favorite must be this past Valentine's Day. This was the first time that I really felt more free while designing the arrangements. I started to play a little bit more with various elements such as color and form and the results made me super eager to see what comes next!




Do you have any local upcoming events?


Yes, yes y'all! Mother's Day is coming up very soon and I'm looking forward to creating wonderful arrangements for all the beautiful mamas out there! I'll be at the amazing Twig & Willow (Bixby Knolls location) on Saturday May 12th and will have ready-to-go bouquets at their fourth street location both Saturday and Sunday. I look forward to meeting all you new customers!




Do you have any role models that you look to for motivation?


When Little Sweet P's Flowers first began, I needed some girl power, motivational business books. I needed some fuel for my fire! I found “#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amuroso and it was just what I needed to put me in the right mindset; the mindset of a business woman with a passion. I still need motivation every now and then, and when I do I feel so lucky to have my main supporters in life--- my love Kevin, mama Debbie, and my bestie Kristen! I think it's so important to surround yourself with wonderfully positive people that will help encourage you to reach your fullest potential.




Do you have any helpful tips for people that want to dabble in flower artistry?


Oooh! If you're drawn to flowers and want to make arrangements, I say practice as much as you can. Make some beautiful bouquets for home or for a dear friend, and use it as practice. Learn how certain flowers look with a different flower and play with color and/or texture combinations to create something wonderful. Always put your loving energy into it and it'll be great!


Thank you Tattered for this wonderful interview!

Thank you to any customers out there reading this!


Check me out on my website  or  instagram @littlesweetpsflowers 

Contact me directly phone number(310) 384-1411 . 


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