Meet Lainey Atwood - local artist & Tattered's personal painter!


You may have already come across Lainey's artwork walking by Tattered's store front - she's the artist behind the store's gorgeous window paintings!  We first knew Lainey Atwood as one of our loyal customers, but soon discovered she is also an art student at Cal State Long Beach and a gifted artist.  We were delighted to join forces and exhibit her talent with our seasonal window art.  We continue to appreciate her unique and visionary art and think you should too.  Check her out!


How did your passion for art begin?


My passion for art began at a very young age. My mom studied art at CSULB and received her teaching credential to teach high school drawing and painting, so I grew up with painting being a big part of my education. I pursued dance as well, but I never stopped painting.


Where do you find your inspiration?


I find my inspiration all around me, especially in Long Beach which is so full of constant change and growth. Influenced by my early experience with dance, I’m interested in how steps are forged and how the human body is in constant movement from one point to the next.


How would you describe your style of art?


I'd say it's a hybrid of abstract figuration.  My paintings are structurally pieced together from fragments based on the body's movement and shapes in dancers.


What do you try to convey in your art?


I aim to provoke the feeling of urgency and surprise within the body through figures in motion.  I want to convey ones full self and capability through the presence of other selves.


Is there a certain artist that inspires you more than others?


I’m inspired by many different choreographers, musicians, and visual artists. One of the artists I continue to draw inspiration from is Matisse.

Are there any local artists/events that you support?


I try to support the local artist community as much as I can.  Particularly the CSULB community that I’m honored to be a part of as a recent graduate! I recently showed my work at my friends new gallery space, Flatline_, in downtown Long Beach.  I enjoy supporting local musicians and events such as SAM and Music Tastes Good.


Does your interest in art cross over to your style of clothing?  How so?


I think my artistic style crosses over in my clothing as I often look for textures, patterns, colors to overlap and pair in different ways.


Do you have a favorite clothing store or brand and why?

Tattered is probably my favorite store, and for brands Free People.


What is your favorite art piece that you made?


I don't think I ever have a favorite art piece because I consistently destruct and reconstruct my paintings in my artistic process. But this painting,"Shadows Becoming" challenged me by not allowing me to retreat back to destructing the first process. I was surprised in my decision to leave this one so bare which revealed more.


Are you currently working on any new projects?  If so, where & when can we view them?


Nothing on view now, but I'm always painting and looking for new projects. Stay tuned by following my Instagram @4penny_laine and check out the last gallery I showed my work in this past month, @Flatline_ in Long Beach!










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